Company Dancer

I've danced with Seema at various points through out the past 10 years. Having done a lot of different types of performances with her through Cree8 has been a really great experience! I got the opportunity to perform for a variety of audiences; we did a cultural show in LA, we've performed multiple times at Asha Holi and much more. Seema leads with strong creative direction and yet makes the whole process feel collaborative by taking the team's perspective into consideration for the choreography and costumes, etc. I've also taken some of her ODC classes and enjoyed them a lot!

Parent, Teen Student

My daughter has been taking private dance lessons with Seema for over 3 years now (from age 11).  Seema is a master in the Indian Bollywood dance style, amongst other dance idioms. She has always been available and willing to take time out from her busy work and sport centered life to bring my daughter along in the cultivation of this rich style of dance. Besides, the dance movements themselves, Seema and my daughter work on basic warm ups, balance, and movement that can enhance any dance medium. Seema is more like a big sister, or aunt, to my daughter. Mira always looks forward to the next class with Seema. We are so happy to have found her.

Groom, First Dance

Seema gave me and my wife dance lessons to help us prepare for our first dance as a married couple. As someone who’s “challenged” to say the least when it comes to dancing, I needed a lot of help. The best way for me to assess Seema’s instruction is the result — and the dance turned out great. She helped us in picking out a song that worked for us, adapted the routine to fit our capabilities and sensibilities, and the lessons got us to the point where we could do the routine in our sleep. Her instruction style never made me feel like a beginner but she was direct enough to tell us if we seemed to regress from our prior lesson which was definitely needed from time to time. I’m very grateful Seema worked with us and can’t thank and recommend her enough!